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A LEGO lawn mower man endlessly cuts the grass

A LEGO man mows his LEGO lawn, endlessly pushing a LEGO lawn mower. This kinetic sculpture was created by Jason Allemann, aka JK Brickworks, and can be powered by hand crank or motor.

The illusion of grass-cutting across two conveyor belts, inspired by a LEGO lawn mower created by Josh David, was combined with Allemann’s previous work, a Sisyphus LEGO kinetic sculpture. Here’s the full wordless build:

Compare the body postures and movements in both the Sisyphus and Lawnmower Man automatons, then take a look at the original inspiration:

In case you missed it, check out JK Brickworks’ Sisyphus LEGO kinetic sculpture and LEGO Drawing Machine. Plus: More LEGO vids.

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