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The Kid Should See This

A leopard stalks an impala from the cover of a gully

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With a burst of speed of 65 km an hour, the Leopard without doubt is a formidable predator. In this tense and compelling encounter, we stalk quietly alongside a Leopard as it sizes up an unsuspecting Impala, from the cover of a gully.

Will the leopard catch a meal and stave off hunger for the next week? Or will the impala hear the leopard creeping along the crevasse? Watch this memorable scene from the BBC’s documentary The Hunt, narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Also from The Hunt: The incredibly strong (and massive) web of the Darwin’s bark spider and Flying Fish, hunted underwater and in the air.

Plus: This Desert Fox Hunts A Lesser Jerboa and more hunts on this site.

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