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A million things that make your head spin, a rainbow tape time lapse

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A “six-story hurricane of color” ascends up into the atrium of Sydney, Australia’s Customs House. The piece, titled A million things that make your head spin, was designed and installed with flagging tape—a weather-resistant tape used in surveying, construction, mining, forestry, and other industries—by Los Angeles-based artist Megan Geckler. From her site:

Six colors of flagging tape swirl in concentric rectangular shapes, each layer rotating in the opposite direction of the one before. By using mathematical progressions between hues in tandem with each layer’s unique rotational offset, Geckler plays upon human optical perception that mixes six individual colors into a rainbow of gradients.




The installation is a part of Art & About Sydney until April 2017.

Geckler’s work draws inspiration from music. The piece above “gets its name from a line in Australian band The Jungle Giants’ track Don’t Know What Else to Do.” Below, a time lapse installation video from the Lancaster Museum of Art and History in 2013: Rewritten by Machine on New Technology, set to The Buggles 1979 hit Video Killed the Radio Star.

Next: More rainbows, and more art installations, including The ORBIS FLY kinetic light system at the Leningrad Center and Tape Paris: Crawl through suspended tunnels of translucent tape.

via Colossal.

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