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A mother leopard protects her cubs in Zambia

A confident and powerful leopardess called Olimba rules over an exceptionally large area along Zambia’s Luangwa River. She is a formidable hunter, a courageous ruler and a devoted mother. She has just given birth to two tiny cubs, and as she faces the challenging task of motherhood, it is a constant battle to hunt successfully, to defend her prime territory and to protect her cubs against enemies. One day, Olimba discovers a nomadic male leopard near her cubs, and without hesitation, she attacks him.

This conflict-filled clip from PBS Nature’s The Leopard Legacy, narrated by Harry Potter and the Cursed Child actress Noma Dumezweni, captures Olimba’s defense of her cubs and her territory against the already-injured new leopard. The help she gets from the area’s dominant male leopard creates a two-on-one attack. The nomad escapes with fresh wounds.

leopard fight
The full episode, which debuts April 14th, 2021, shares both the beauty and cruelty of nature as—spoiler—one cub goes missing and the other, when he is grown enough to survive on his own, has a “final hostile encounter” with his fierce mother. “Will his resilience and fighting spirit help him overcome this injury?”

mother leopard
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