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The Kid Should See This

A physical demonstration of gravitational waves

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Start with the classic lycra space-time warping demo, add in news of LIGO and The First Observation of Gravitational Waves, then mix it with a drill. In this Ultimate Gravitational Waves Explanation, Steve Mould creates a physical demo of the waves. He explains:

“When LIGO announced that they had detected gravitational waves earlier this year, we were inundated with artistic renderings of gravitational waves, fantastic images… that help us to visualize this weird phenomenon. But in all the graphics that I’ve seen, there’s a kind of disconnect between the objects and the waves that they produce. There’s no way to see how one causes the other, and I think we can fix that with an actual physical demonstration of gravitational waves.”

By the way, it’s pretty easy to make your own Fabric of the Cosmos demo. And be sure to check out these other gravitational waves vids, too.

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