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The Kid Should See This

A Rube Goldberg-style Egg Breaker machine

Enjoy some delightful music as yolks travel unbroken through the little metal slides! We love watching food machines and Rube Goldberg machines. This demonstration video for the Egg Breaker from OVO-TECH mixes the two genres. Here’s what’s happening:

The operator manually requires 30 pieces of eggs on the tray with the supplied stainless steel overlay. Once on the tray can put max of 120 eggs. The machine automatically collects eggs from the tray by moving them over knives that break and flare shell. Subsequently, the white and the yolk to the gutter flow down together controller. The operator of the machine is searching the damaged egg yolks and remove them to the gutter drain. Egg white and yolk flow into the distributor, which redirects separate white and yolk to substituted buckets.

white and yolk Rube Goldberg machine for eggs
Update: Go deeper into egg-breaking technology with this 2017 video. It shows how over two dozen eggs can be lifted into the machine with a suction tool and how the eggs are broken as they travel down the ramp. Thanks, @Aetles.

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via BoingBoing.

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