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A Sekigahara Landscape painting, but animated with pixels

If artwork came to life, or perhaps if it transformed into a video game, it might look like “Sekigahara-Sansui-zu-Byobu” (Folding Screen of Painted Sekigahara Landscapes), an animated artwork by Yusuke Shigeta. The piece is featured in Chubu Centrair International Airport‘s Culture Gate to Japan exhibition:

The video installation artwork is based on the folding screen “The Battle of Sekigahara” (from the Osaka Museum of History collection), which is thought to have been painted in the early 17th century. The theme of the artwork, the Battle of Sekigahara (1600 A.D.) is known as an important battle in Japanese history fought by powerful samurai warriors from throughout Japan that split into two forces.

Sekigahara Landscape
Sekigahara Landscape

The artist of this piece, SHIGETA Yusuke is a videographer who produces stories from primitive movements through a perspective of the world using pixels. He utilized pixel animation to reconstruct the battle as depicted on the folding screen, adding details of the natural landscape that still exists at the ancient battlefield. He has applied unique digital techniques of 3D modeling and crowd simulation to the movement and form of the crush of the samurai.

Compare the modern digital version to the two 19th century Sekigahara landscape paintings below.

Sekigahara Screen
Sekigahara Kassen (Gifu History Museum)

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via Spoon and Tamago.

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