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A simple way to tell insects apart: Look at their mouthparts

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There are nearly a million known insect species in the world, but most have one of just five common types of mouthparts. Why is this information useful to scientists? Anika Hazra explains how the features of an insect’s mouthparts can help identify which order it belongs to, while also providing clues about how it evolved and what it feeds on.

Dive into entomology and the taxonomy of insects with this informative TED Ed: A simple way to tell insects apart.

There are seven levels to the taxonomical hierarchy of living things. From the broadest level to the most specific, they are: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. An easy way to remember all seven levels in the correct order is by using the following mnemonic:

“Keep Ponds Clean Or Frogs Gets Sick.”

Read more in their Dig Deeper curriculum.

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