The Kid Should See This

A tumbling, glowing, furry puppet creature by Barnaby Dixon

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With spiky fur on its back and a long, expressive nose on its little face, this aardvark-like creature is a charming addition to Barnaby Dixon‘s collection of characters. A puppet designer and puppeteer, Dixon slips a series of specially-molded pieces onto his handβ€”a backplate with silicone fur, a tail, feet on his finger and thumb tips, knees on his knuckles, and a face and nosepiece on his middle finger. He also spends time practicing how his fingers should move to develop their personalities and make them look real.

See how this creature does handstands and glows in UV light in Dixon’s new furry glowing puppet video above. Then watch some of his other creations, including this glow-in-the-dark bug puppet.

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