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A Washing Machine Full of Bees

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This washing machine had been repurposed and was being used as a compost bin…until bees decided to move in and build a hive there! The homeowner had lifted the lid open a few days before and was stung, so I was called to give these sweet bees a new place to live.

Watch as Texas Beeworks founder Erika Thompson moves section after section of comb out of the washing machine and into the wood frames that will slide safely into a wood box hive. She’s been working with bees since 2011 and became a full-time beekeeper in 2019.

placing honeycomb in the frame

Though it takes most of the video for Thompson to find the colony’s queen, she finally spots it. Putting the queen in a bee clip helps to gently rehome the bees; they always follow her. Thompson also finds young bees ready to emerge from the hive’s brood nest, where the queen lays eggs. The beekeeper takes special care of those during the transfer.

brood nest - baby bees emerging
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