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Acorns, an animated micro-short series by Tonko House

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What happens when acorns fall from a mighty oak? What happens when that oak is in the city? Follow acorn friends Kella, Parva, and Hondo as they start their small but mighty journey from the sidewalk to somewhere in nature where they can plant themselves.

This Tonko House series of ten micro-short episodes not only shares the quest of three small acorns; it was also an experimental project created to challenge the animation studio’s skills. The team mixed live-action settings with 3D animated characters, creating an episode a month as a side project to their daily studio work.

The 10-episode series should play one after another above.

trying to get up a curb
avoiding feet
Director Bradley Furnish explains, via Short of the Week:

“Everyone at some point goes through a life-changing transition. The acorns are the perfect encapsulation of this: tiny seeds that are meant to spread far and wide and transform into mighty trees many times their original size. This story is meant to capture the feelings of wonder, determination, and fear that we experience when we leave our childhood homes and venture out to find our place in the world”.

acorns with a leaf
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