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Adania Flemming, Fish Whisperer, on Becoming Visible

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Graduate student, museum collections technician, and science educator Adania Flemming studies life in water-based ecosystems. As the only woman in her lab at the Florida Museum, she’s making herself as visible as she can through social media and museum events so that other aspiring scientists of color can “see that scientists come in all genders and skin tones.”

She also wants to bring hands-on training in marine biology, ichthyology, and island ecology to schools in Trinidad and Tobago from where she hales.

Adania Flemming with a seahorse
Learn more about Adania Flemming and her work in The Fish Whisperer from this Becoming Visible video series and site from The University of Florida’s Florida Museum of Natural History. The 2017 video series celebrated “100 years of inspiring people to care about life on Earth.”

To mark the closing of an era and the beginning of a new century, UF News profiled three Florida Museum women who are shaping the research institution’s future and breaking the cycle of stereotypes and misconceptions in the world of science. With modern tools like social media and podcasts, they continue the work of past and current museum women, who have fought for equality in their fields and for the visibility of women in science.

Adania Flemming
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Also in this series: Becoming Visible: Fossil Hunter Michelle Barboza. Plus, find more Black and STEM videos on TKSST.

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