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Adding color & fizz to floating water bubbles in microgravity

When you’re floating water bubbles in microgravity on the International Space Station, be sure to add a gas-releasing effervescent tablet and some food coloring, and don’t forget to film it in 4K resolution.

Astronauts on ISS have been recording science experiments with an Epic Dragon camera to get more science out of the footage. Also: FUN.

The fifth SpaceX cargo resupply mission delivered this camera to the orbiting laboratory in January 2015. The camera’s ability to record at a high resolution as well as up to 300 frames per second made it the ideal recording device to capture dynamic events like vehicle operations near the station, such as docking and undocking. The higher resolution images and higher frame rate videos can reveal more information when used on science investigations, giving researchers a valuable new tool aboard the space station.

In case you missed it, watch astronauts film a water bubble in microgravity on ISS from inside the bubble.

Plus: How do astronauts wash their hands in space and (scroll all the way down for) Can you cry in space?

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