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AIDAprima time lapse cruise ship construction

In March, 2015, this full cruise ship construction time lapse of the AIDAprima cruise ship was shared by MKtimelapse. In October, 2015, the massive flagship will have left Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Nagasaki shipyard to embark on its maiden voyage from Yokohama, Japan to Hamburg, Germany. The price tag: 535 million euros.

In service, the ship will accommodate 3,300 passengers in 1,643 staterooms, with 900 crew. The ship’s 984 ft long by 123 ft wide (300 m by 37,6 m) body weighs 124,500 tons and can travel at 22 knots or around 25 mph.

aidaprima time lapse
AIDAprima appears to have been constructed in large pre-built sections in rain or shine, hauled in by giant cranes and secured by workers that often look as small as ants. Also: Tugboats!

Updated video.

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