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Alana Jones-Mann’s ‘Shag Cakes’

Nicknamed for the ubiquitous shag carpets of the 1970s, Alana Jones-Mann‘s signature ‘Shag Cakes’ are eye-catching buttercream-frosted delights. Her not-so-secret secret: Meticulous and meditative piping that can take two hours to complete.

This Los Angeles Times video wraps her colorful work with some jazzy music that hearkens back to 1950s film shorts:

Without taking her eyes off the cake, she gripped a piping bag filled with sky-blue buttercream and began flicking small, sharp dots onto its pale, rounded surface. Up close, every stroke looked as sharp and tactile as a spike. After a few minutes of decorating, the tightly spaced points of color grew softer, forming fuzzy, undulating waves.

Check out more of her work on Instagram:

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Plus, a few jazzy 1950s videos: Glas, Bert Haanstra‘s Oscar-winning documentary short and Norman McLaren’s Pen Point Percussion and Dots.

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