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Alexander Girard: Architect of Modern Living

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Alexander Girard was a designer who defied easy categorization, mostly because he worked—and excelled—in every field. Tireless, creative, and immersive, Girard was most comfortable when absorbed in a project, and he managed to complete a staggering catalog raisonné in his lifetime: houses, department stores, trendy restaurants, less trendy restaurants, logos, a terrazzo material, an airline, a folk art museum, even an imaginary land with its own language.”

In this Dress Code NY-directed tribute film for American design and home furnishings company Herman Miller, where Alexander Girard worked for 21 years, we get a glimpse at Girard’s bold, colorful, graphic, iconic and iconoclastic approach to… everything. Watch Alexander Girard: Architect of Modern Living.

herman miller wallpapers book cover
alexander girard
girard home design
girard braniff design
Plus, from Ammo Books, a quick promotional video for their comprehensive 2011 monograph on his work.

alexander girard doll design
Learn more about Girard at Girard Studio.

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