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An Arabian horse gives birth to a healthy filly

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How are foals born? Arabian Horse Family, a family-run horse club in Thailand, shares the how mother Isabella gave birth to a filly named Amirah.

The full foaling process is captured in the 8.5-minute video, from milk leakage and the rush of placental fluids to the white amniotic membrane’s first appearance, to the filly’s birth and her first attempts to stand and nurse.

“We were lucky to be a part of this natural and undisturbed foaling process of Isabella´s filly, and witness another healthy being come to life and be a part of our Arabian horse herd.”

Horses give birth around 15-25 minutes after their water breaks. Waller Equine Hospital in Texas provides information that helps explain what’s happening in the video:

“Even in a normal delivery, the mare may stand up, lie down, and roll several times in an effort to properly position the foal for delivery. Normal presentation of the foal resembles a diving position, with front feet first, one slightly ahead of the other, hooves down, followed closely by the nose, head, neck, shoulders, and hindquarters…

“In the excitement of birth, it is important to remember some tried and true guidelines: Allow the foal time to break the fetal membranes… Generally, it is not recommended to cut or break the umbilical cord. If it has not broken during delivery, it will usually break when the mare or foal gets up…

“Encourage the mare and foal to rest as long as possible. Give them an opportunity to bond undisturbed… Foal should stand and nurse within 2 hours of birth.”

filly and mother Arabian horses
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