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An EF-3 tornado near Laramie, Wyoming (2018)

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In 2018, storm chaser James Hammett watched from a safe distance as an EF-3 tornado made its way across the land just eight miles north of Laramie, Wyoming, “shown here crossing U.S. Route 30, the historic Lincoln Highway.”

It rapidly intensified, tearing up grass and dirt as it traveled over mainly open fields. The tornado followed the contour of the land up and over the Laramie mountain range for over 45 minutes before dissipating.

james hammett: ef-3 tornado near laramie, wyoming
Hammett was able to capture a clear view of the twister, and keep his focus on driving, thanks to the TurretCam on the top of his car. The 4K UHD ultrawide camera is housed in a polycarbonate dome so that it’s semi-protected from wind, hail, debris, and other hazards. It also has a compressed air feature that clears any raindrops from its lens.

Its remote control, an old Xbox game controller, also keeps Hammett and any storm chasing passengers from having to exit the vehicle. Watch this short TurretCam demonstration:

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