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An orphaned sea otter pup is adopted by Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium

Underweight and alone, an orphaned five-week-old southern sea otter pup was found on Coastways Beach in California, and was rushed to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for care and rehabilitation. Four weeks later, ‘Pup 681’ was healthy and ready to be adopted.

Watch as she arrives at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, her new home. Shedd’s mission: provide her with 24 hour care to make sure she eats, swims, sleeps, and learns how to be an otter, eventually joining their Regenstein Sea Otter habitat. (They’ll also name her.)

Watch more of ‘Pup 681’ as she adjusts to grooming, playtime, and swimming:

Watch more zoo videos, more animal babies, and more otters, including this baby river otter as it learns how to swim.

via Daily Dot.

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This video was posted 6 years ago.

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