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How to make an origami “Spectacled” Andean Bear hat

“Origami’s really cool because it’s a sharing activity…” explains animal origami artist and biologist Bernie Peyton in this DNews video feature. On his site, he writes:

“I am encouraged that origami has a bright place in that future, as a reliever of stress, a means to means to create understanding between cultures, and as a catalyst for solutions such as foldable cheap housing. When I teach a simple origami figure I am also teaching a creative way to think and solve problems. Designing something out of a single uncut square has taught me how to think outside the box and greatly contributed to my ability to ask better research questions as a scientist. Just maybe someone I have introduced to origami will take that knowledge to make a positive difference.”

Peyton also talks about how his artistic expression intersects with his scientific studies. Unfortunately, it looks like his bear hat is no longer available, but you can download pdfs of his origami animal diagrams here, or try some starter tutorials here.

Animals + origami? Yes, please! You can see more of Bernie’s work on his site, and more paper videos in the archives. 

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