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Stealthy animals seen by trail cameras: Spring, summer, & autumn on Vancouver Island

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“Not far from the backyards of two science filmmakers in coastal British Columbia, countless wild stories are unfolding. With the help of some trail cameras in a nearby forest, these wildlife guides are capturing some amazing animal behavior.”

What will filmmakers Grant Callegari and Bennett Whitnell see in forest camera footage on Vancouver Island? Watch their season-themed Hakai Institute Field Notes series.

The calm, 9-minute-long Spring trail camera video above witnesses pregnant does, yearling bucks, and bears that are scent marking (and smelling) trees.

bear smelling for other bears
deer family
Below, Summer, “a time of abundance.” The 11-minute video includes more peaceful sights and sounds with bears, cougars, beavers, mink, frogs, birds, pine martens, and deer as they forage, hunt, and navigate seasonal changes along the forest’s old logging roads.

trail cams and beaver pond
pine marten

As fall sets in and the weather changes, two science filmmakers follow our cast of wildlife characters as they go through a flurry of last-chance feasting and finding mates before the cold and wet of winter.”

This page will be updated with additional seasons from this Hakai series when they become available.

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