The Kid Should See This

How do some animals carry their babies?

Kangaroos carry their joeys in pouches. Gorillas carry their babies on their backs and cradle them in their arms. But what does a mother wolf spider do about her young? Or a bat mother? Or a scorpion mother?

This Animal Autofill video from Nat Geo WILD provides a quick introduction to some familiar and not so familiar ways that animals provide care and transportation for their young offspring.

Parenting! Follow this video with a tiny newborn kangaroo climbing into its mother’s pouch, a baby otter getting a swimming lesson from its mother, a mother raccoon teaching her kit how to climb a tree, more about scorpion moms, and Orangutan Smile: A mother orangutan cuddles her baby.

Bonus: Kangaroo Dundee and his baby kangaroos and Cheesecake the Capybara Fosters Puppies.

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