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Animated Science: The Periodic Table

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Celebrate the periodic table’s 150th anniversary with this episode of Animated Science, a series produced by the Universitat de Barcelona and animator Luis Pérez.

Follow the main character as he struggles to understand the periodic table, the elements, and chemistry for the first time. After a rough start, he listens to the teacher and, with some contemplation, begins to understand how everything is made from atoms and their different combinations.

animated science - water molecule
In this case, he considers the water molecule, “composed of two hydrogen atoms, each linked by a single chemical bond to an oxygen atom.” This leads to how he thinks about elephants, plants, and everything around him.

animated science - periodic table
The animation comes with Spanish and Catalan labels, too.

Previously from Animated Science: The Scientific Method, animated. Also: We know that elephants are made from elements thanks to the song ‘Meet the Elements’ by They Might Be Giants.

Plus, don’t miss this video from The Ring of Truth: Two Hydrogen Atoms & One Oxygen Atom.

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