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Animation Basics in 14 Minutes: Six big ideas for beginners

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“If you’re working on an animation, you can ask yourself, how does this motion feel? The answer could be anywhere from ‘it’s great, I love it’ to ‘could be better,’ or it could just be, ‘this feels wrong.’ If your answer is anything other than ‘great, I love it,’ you can use these ideas to start asking questions that will help improve your animation.”

In this video by animation director Alex Grigg, a first in his Animation for Anyone educational series, he introduces six big ideas that can help give animations more energy and personality: Speed, acceleration and deceleration, squash and stretch, anticipation, overshoot, and arcs.

six ideas in animation

“Does the speed feel right? Should we change the spacing to adjust the acceleration? Should we be using some squash or stretch? Maybe we need some anticipation. Are the arcs working well? Or do we need some overshoot to help sell the weight?”

Find more from Alex Grigg in his Animation for Anyone playlist and on Instagram.

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