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Animoji piano performances by music teacher Magdalene Rolka

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To get her students excited about playing piano, and to help combat their lack of motivation for remote lessons, pianist and New York City piano teacher Magdalene Rolka created a few videos ‘wearing’ Animoji faces. Animoji are Apple’s animated 3D emoji characters that mimic facial expressions in realtime.

In the video above, she performs Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach‘s Solfeggietto as a unicorn.

playing as an animoji unicorn
Rolka follows that video with two other performances in digital masks, first as an Animoji dragon playing Ballade by Friedrich Burgmüller:

Magdalene Rolka

…and then as “everyone’s favorite Animoji” (the poop) playing Fur Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven. She’s mastered the digital mask’s wide range of expressions in this video.

poop animoji piano playing

Follow these with more delightful performances:
• Chico Marx plays the piano (and an apple)
• The Typewriter, performed with an orchestra
• Mii Channel theme music with four violas
Pachelbel’s Chicken & other chicken instrument performances

via Laughing Squid.

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