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The Kid Should See This

Anthony Howe’s kinetic sculptures in Barneys holiday windows

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When department store windows get “dressed up” during the holidays, it’s always a treat. In big cities like Paris, London, and New York City, there’s usually the added promise of seeing high-profile artists, engineers, and designers come together to make spectacular and dazzling displays. One of the holiday window newsmakers in 2014: Barneys New York Holiday Windows and Spirits of the Snow, above, a piece by artist Anthony Howe:

These handmade kinetic sculptures, previously only seen as outdoor wind machines, come to life within the window—the first time Howe’s work has been shown in an interior space. The movement of these spirited characters is entirely generated by wind machines, which sets them into mesmerizing motion.

We’ve enjoyed Howe’s work on this site before. Here’s another example of his recent work outdoors — KweeBe:

Read more about Barneys BAZ DAZZLED holiday spectacular (which includes videos), and check out more kinetic sculpture videos on this site.

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