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How to deal with anxiety from change and how to be at peace with the unknown

Nothing is permanent. The world is always changing. The best thing we can do is try not to get too caught up in it and enjoy the ride.

This is easier said than done but, with practice, dealing with any anxieties or worries that come from impermanence and unexpected change is a beneficial skill that can help humans of all ages.

This promotional animation from the team at Headspace talks about How to Deal with Anxiety from Change, not by negating the difficulty or the seriousness of the situation, but by staying connected to the idea of balance.

“Everything changes all of the time. Everything that arises, in time, disappears.”

How can we be at peace with this uncertainty? It comes with practice.

“If every time nature takes a different turn, if we find ourselves panicking, we find ourselves sort of resisting, fighting against it in some way, then it’s going to be really uncomfortable, especially through a time like this.”

In the video below, narrator and Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe recommends practicing being present with whatever is happening at the moment, whether it be through meditation and mindfulness, or if there’s “another exercise, technique or way you have that allows you to feel more at ease with not knowing.”

practicing uncertainty

“Strength comes, not from a sense of certainty, but from a willingness, a commitment to being with uncertainty at this moment.”

Reading, drawing, creating, inventing, getting outdoors, practicing a sport, talking, finding laughter, finding gratitude, taking action, helping others… Find what works for you and practice it.

Puddicombe narrates these promotional animations, as well as the app’s guided meditations for kids and adults alike. Also recommended: Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents), a book and CD. Find it at or on Amazon.

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