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Arena, a fast-paced look at the earth from above

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Using images captured by Google Earth, Ireland-based artist Páraic McGloughlin speeds through scheme after scheme of human-made shapes and structures from high above in the experimental film short Arena. From McGloughlin at

I put a lot of focus on imagery containing flat lines, symmetry and grids as they are so different to the patterns/shapes made by nature, and hoped in turn that this would be most effective. It wasn’t until I started messing with some images that I thought to allocate the idea of the game of life – “Arena” to the theme as it fit perfectly in my opinion. I wanted to create a retro-like video game effect out of the images and I knew I wanted to start with flat roads ‘bouncing’ off the sides of the screen with an element of growth, a focus on the abundance of life on earth as well as some kind of evolution idea.

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Bonus: Motoi Yamamoto’s intricate, temporary salt installations.

Thanks, Ben.

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