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The Audubon Mural Project: Harlem Murals of Climate-Threatened Birds

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In Harlem, some of the birds are as big as buildings. In this episode of Topic’s Birds of North America, host and birder Jason Ward tours New York City’s Harlem neighborhood with Jennifer Bogo to spot some Audubon-commissioned murals, a growing series dedicated to 314 species of climate-threatened birds in North America. From The Audubon Mural Project:

The Audubon Mural Project is a collaboration between the National Audubon Society and Gitler &_____ Gallery to create murals of climate-threatened birds throughout John James Audubon‘s old Harlem‐based neighborhood in New York City. The project is inspired by the legacy of the great American bird artist and pioneering ornithologist and is energized by Audubon’s groundbreaking Birds and Climate Change Report, which reveals at least half of all North American birds are threatened by a warming climate.

Ward also visits Audubon’s gravesite at Trinity Church Cemetery in Washington Heights, and the studio of artist George Boorujy, who is one of the project’s commissioned artists. Among others, he painted Greater Sage-Grouse and Gang of Warblers, seen below.

Watch the entire Birds of North America series here at Topic.

See more of the murals at, then watch this: A peregrine falcon mural time lapse for The Audubon Mural Project.

Plus: Jason Ward goes birding in Central Park, why peregrine falcons are the fastest animals on earth, and The Greater Sage-Grouse’s courtship ritual.

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