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Aunt Vivian’s Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

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Sweet potatoes are an autumn and winter staple, making for delicious side dishes and desserts throughout the holidays. In this Tasty video, writer and Atlanta, Georgia native Bianca Lambert shares how to make her Aunt Vivian’s southern-style sweet potato pie recipe.

adding eggs to the mix

“My parents are from this town in Alabama called Monroeville, so Thanksgiving, Christmas, any holiday you can think of, we’d drive down. Well, my grandma, I remember, she would have all this food, and she didn’t have a lot of money, and all that, but you could guarantee that there was going to be a spread… she knew all your favorites. And that was her way of showing love.

And I feel like that is what southern cooking is all about. It’s just a way to show love and give back to your family in a different kind of way.”

scooping the mix into the pie crusts
sweet potato pie
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