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Adorable baby hares in the wilderness

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Turn the volume up and watch these adorable baby hares in the wilderness. Nature PBS captured the peaceful footage of these small babies during the filming of their Remarkable Rabbits episode. From the show’s transcript:

We know so little about rabbits and hares that most of us couldn’t tell them apart unless we saw them side by side. Hares are substantially larger and have much longer legs and ears than rabbits.

Born in a nest, hairless and helpless, rabbits meet the world with their eyes and ears closed. Even two weeks after birth, baby rabbits are still completely dependent on their mother. Whereas hares are born right on the ground with their eyes wide open and a full coat of fur. Unlike their defenseless cousins, baby hares, called leverets, are ready to run an hour after being born.

baby hares
baby hare face
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