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Baby Mangalica pigs are birthed in the forest

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When this pregnant forest sow is ready to give birth, she begins to build a nest of leaves, branches, and hay. “From the wiggling of her tail, we can tell that the piglets are almost here,” explains the mauritsbosgoed narrator, a farm and nature YouTuber based in The Netherlands. “Half of the piglets will come out backwards. The others, forward.”

This bucolic 2021 video documents the piglets’ birth in the Terwolde woods. English narration and Dutch subtitles inform during each short clip of the 3m45s video.

gathering a nest
baby piglet
In this region of the country, wild pigs live in the forests, fields, and meadows all year round. This is a Hungarian breed of hairy pig called a Mangalitsa or Mangalica.

According to the narrator, the sow’s seven piglets, soon independent after birth, will begin foraging and grazing with her for their own food after a few days.

sow nursing piglets
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