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Baby orangutan Peanut doesn’t want to climb the ropes

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Peanut was discovered on a palm plantation alone when he was a baby. Thankfully, he was brought to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in the Malaysian Sabah District of North Borneo. There, caregivers have been able to keep the baby orangutan in good health and teach him the ropes, literally.

To survive in the wild, orangutans need to move through their arboreal environment with ease. That takes practice. But how do you teach a reluctant baby orangutan to climb?

peanut doesn't want to climb
sad peanut
This clip from Discovery UK’s Meet The Orangutans (2014) shares how caregivers acclimated Peanut to climbing. Sue Sheward MBE, founder and chairwoman of the Orangutan Appeal United Kingdom charity, explains each step of Peanut’s acclimation as she follows the lead of the center’s doctors and caregivers, including Dr. Diana Ramirez, Chief Veterinarian of Sabah’s Wildlife Rescue Unit.

Happily, Peanut finally gets the hang of it.

peanut climbs upside down
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