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What’s it like to film a baby sun bear?

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Baby sun bears love to run, wrestle, and explore everything. And they really love to climb. In case there was any doubt, this rambunctious behind-the-scenes clip from the BBC’s Bears About the House confirms that Filming Baby Sun Bears is Not Easy, even though they’re the smallest of all bear species. From the BBC:

[Conservationist Giles Clark] has been asked by good friend Matt Hunt, CEO of Free The Bears, to help for 12 months – and Giles is not long into his role when he has to step in to help Mary, a five month-old sun bear. Mary was rescued after her mother was killed in the wild and she was spotted on the back of a truck for sale into the illegal wildlife trade. Fragile and malnourished, she lives with Giles and Matt at home, while she needs around-the-clock specialist care.

carrying a baby sun bear

The other part of Giles’ role is to help build the new bear sanctuary, where Mary will be going as soon as her enclosure is completed. With 31 bears at the sanctuary already, the team is under tremendous pressure as more bears come in.

curious bear
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