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Backyard Racing’s Treetop Hot Wheels Track

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Race along tree branches, through loop de loops, over shaky popsicle stick bridges, between toy construction zones, by dogs and sharks… and don’t forget the ride in a cardboard cable car. This Hot Wheels treetop track video from Backyard Racing captures POV footage of this elaborate ride thanks to a tiny camera on a toy car.

The second half of the video shares the same scenes filmed from alongside the tracks, both on the ground and from the roof and treetops around 9 meters (30 feet) up.

criss cross track setup
back yard racing setup

“This tree track took 1 month to construct using a variety of materials including wood, ladders, kiddy pools, string, pulleys, a fishing pole, cordless drill, PVC tubing, blocks, plastic container tubs, cardboard boxes, pool noodles, our dog Kodi the Australian Shepherd, and numerous Hot Wheels products.”

popsicle stick bridge
treetop POV
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via Laughing Squid.

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