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Balloon Car Race, a DIY engineering activity for kids

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Explore mass, thrust, drag, friction, and more with this hands-on engineering challenge from the James Dyson Foundation: Balloon car race. Mechanical engineer Dr. Shini Somara introduces the DIY balloon-powered car activity for kids of all ages, including teens and adults, as well as the record-setting Bloodhound SSC Car that inspired it.

She meets with three Dyson engineers who share their balloon race car designs in a car race and a next-level demonstration.

balloon race cars
Supplies to start with: A balloon, a plastic cup or bottle, straws, thread, and rubber bands.

This 2016 video is one in a series created to get kids excited about engineering. Download the engineering challenge cards pdf to explore this DIY activity and others.

air pressure race car
Related at Scientific American: Build a Balloon-Powered Car.

Previously from Dyson: Spaghetti bridges, a DIY engineering activity for kids (and adults).

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Bonus: Driving on Air – Inventor Raul Oaida and his LEGO car.

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