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Making handmade Bamboocycles in Mexico City

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In 2007, industrial designer Diego Cárdenas wanted a bicycle to ride around the city, but instead of buying one, he decided to make one out of bamboo. This Popular Mechanics Made Here video in Spanish goes behind the scenes at Bamboocycles, Cárdenas’ locally-sourced bamboo bicycle business. It combines two of his passions: cycling and sustainable living.

From the video’s closed-captioning: “Bamboo is an extremely special plant, distinct from many other things. At the end it’s a giant grass: it generates 30 percent more oxygen than trees.” PopMech adds that it also absorbs four times as many vibrations as carbon fiber, “making for a smooth ride.”

harvesting bamboo

The importance of having a handmade bicycle is being able to appreciate the ability someone had that someone developed to make the object that you are using. Each one was made by someone who dedicated his attention, his time. Using these bikes means putting yourself in the hands of the person who made them, when you use them, and that’s nice.

riding a bamboocycle

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