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How Julian Nocker built a treehouse in Salzburg

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I designed and built this treehouse during 3 summer holidays next to my architecture studies. It is the result of my dealing with wood construction, handcraft and space following the ideas and concepts of the childhood treehouse and Japanese teahouses.

It is located in Salzburg Austria, on the exact same place where I had my first actual treehouse built with my brother and father.

I started the project out of the motivation to really build something. To continue where fictional design tasks at university normally end. The liberty of not having to know the exact outcome, of still making decision during the building process, of allowing mistakes to occur and learning from them considerably blurred the usual separation of planning and building.

In the end my treehouse also turned into my diploma thesis and already hosted guests from several countries!

This beautiful short documents Julian Nocker’s baumhaus-building journey and all of the little creatures that crawled, inched, fluttered, hopped, and pounced around the project. Baumhaus means ‘treehouse’ in German.

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Bonus: An animated history of Housing Through the Centuries.


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