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Be Like Benji, an animated meditation series

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Breathe with Benji in this animated short by British animation director Will Rose. The 1.5-minute sequence follows Benji from the yoga studio to the woods where he breathes in and out, finding calm with animals around him.

In 2014, Yoga with Adriene‘s Adriene Mishler got a Blue Heeler Australian Cattle Dog puppy as a Christmas present. Today, Benji can be seen hanging out in the background of her yoga session YouTube videos.

Mishler teamed up with Rose to create a Be Like Benji animated meditation series for her member community. The short above is a promo for the first 12-minute episode.

finding calm
Breathing with Benji

“The world can be a little scary sometimes. But if we take a moment to just breathe, we can learn to better care for our nervous system, and perhaps see what frightens us in a completely different light.

“In this episode, follow along as Benji learns ‘Box Breath” to ease anxiety (after spending a little too long cooped up inside the house).”

The series’ story and directing team includes Jeff Mills and Michelle Keffer. The music is by David Hamburger. Episode 2’s teaser, below, is also set in nature:

calm in the desert

Titled ‘The Zoomies’, the episode is about Benji having too much energy before bedtime. Adriene teaches him how to relax so he can get a good night’s sleep.

Follow @wilbo_rose and @adrienelouise on Instagram. Previously from Rose and Mishler: Vote with Benji.

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