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Beam Drop Inhotim, 2008, Brazil – Chris Burden

A large space in the dirt is cleared, a pit is dug and filled with wet concrete, and a huge crane lifts and drops 100 locally sourced steel I-beams into the pit. This is the work of late American artist Chris Burden for the Instituto Inhotim, a nonprofit that combines art, environment, and education near the town of Brumadinho, Brazil. Beam Drop Inhotim, 2008, directed by Pablo Lobato. From DesignBoom:

the random fall of the metal creates an abstract arrangement that results from both the artist’s control and by chance. the violent clangs that resonate from the metallic blows juxtapose the vast, serene natural environment of the massive art complex. in its aftermath, ‘beam drop’ displays severe, vertical pieces of hardware protruding from the earth, translating into a sculptural art piece that envelopes the viewer in the rigid framework of its medium.


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Thanks, @wiwthere.

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