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The Beasts Of Oz

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“A crafty magpie, a bloodthirsty mosquito, a dopey koala, an egocentric lyrebird, a skittish frilled-neck lizard, and a grand old thylacine,” also known as a Tasmanian tiger or wolf. These are the giant Beasts of Oz, six rowdy Australian animals that were seen running rampant in the streets of Beechworth, northeast Victoria in 2021.

Children screamed. Grown-ups laughed. Mischievous beasts ruffled everyone’s hair and greeted passing cars.

These supersized chaos-makers are Snuff Puppets, an Australian troupe of costumed performers that blend physical theater, sculpture, music, and play into their performances.

frilled neck lizard
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Bonus: The Lion King’s animal costumes behind-the-scenes.

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