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The Becorns Birdbath Challenge

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“A couple of years ago,” David M. Bird begins, “I saw some pictures of a splashing bird, and they were just so funny.”

“I normally think of birds as really elegant, but when they’re in a birdbath, they seem more playful and silly. Like they just dunk themselves. And then sometimes their feathers get all matted. Or they get all puffed up. It’s silly. It’s silly behavior, but their faces always stay dignified. There’s just so much going on.”

“I thought,” he continues, “I’m going to get a picture of a Becorn with a splashing bird.”

the birdbath plan
Becorns are small acorn and stick people that Bird, a former LEGO Bionicles designer, crafts then photographs with squirrels, frogs, butterflies, birds, and other local wildlife. The art project has become popular since he shared it online in 2020, which is why Bird’s local PBS station asked to do a feature about Becorns.

“…I told them about this birdbath idea and we all agreed we’d show the whole process from start to finish for the feature.”

crafting a becorn

“The thing is, though, I’d never had a birdbath or even really seen birds in a real live birdbath. So this commitment I made was a total leap of faith, and I had until September to finish, starting in May. Could I do it?”

Watch David Bird’s Becorn Birdbath Challenge, a becorn + splashing bird project.

setting up the bird bath scene
Then learn more about Bird and his nature-focused figures in the aforementioned Rhode Island PBS profile video:

“After leaving his job as a toy designer for Lego, David M. Bird wondered how he would feed his passion for developing interesting characters and storylines until he found his inspiration in a pile of sticks.”

carrying fruit

Follow David M. Bird on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and on his site.

Then catch up with these ICYMI: Becorns and Bluebirds and Building Becorns, woodland creatures created from nature.

Plus: A few more bird bath videos.

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