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Bee & Me, a wordless animation for Alison Jay’s picture book

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A bee flies in through an apartment window in a busy city, scaring the little girl who lives there. But they soon become friends, playing, growing, and learning together.

Experience Alison Jay‘s picture book Bee & Me with this wordless animated version, a delightful short created for World Book Week 2019.

Old Barn Books shares the video for private and educational use to help start conversations about about the importance of caring for bees and staying connected with nature. The book and video are both wonderful introductions to ecology and conservation.

scared by the bee
playing chess
missing flowers
Spreading seeds across the city

TEACHING RESOURCES from educational partner Use this free, interdisciplinary, inquiry-based lesson plan to help integrate climate knowledge into classroom topics.

Bee and Me Lesson Plan ➜
Grades: K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

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