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Bending sliced wood like a slinky

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Inspired by the work of furniture designer Seth Rolland, hobbyist woodworker Peter Brown of Shop Time decided to try and bend a block of wood like a slinky by slicing it into a thin zig zag pattern. He wrote:

For me, the process went pretty smooth, but I did get so wrapped up at one point that I forgot the flip the board. You can see the double cut if you look close…

The end result is a super bendable plank of wood that defies it’s nature. It just feels wrong! So what are you going to use this for? Vase? Lamp shade? Letter Holder? Wooden Hinge? I’ve got some ideas, but I bet you all come up with even more…. If you make this, let me know. I’d love to see it!

Also from Brown’s workshop: Turning a brick of melted crayons on the lathe.

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