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The Kid Should See This

Bequeath These Seeds, a blooming brass wire kinetic sculpture

Brass wire and liquid plastic flutter open and close like flowers in time lapse, driven by motorized mechanisms within the wooden scaffolding below. Bequeath These Seeds was created by kinetic sculptor Casey Curran for the Bellevue Arts Museum biennial show Metalmorphosis, a showcase of metal as a medium.

Seattle Channel featured Curran’s kinetic sculptures of metal and feathers in the 2014 video below: Art Zone – Casey Curran.

Plus, take a look at two of Curran’s earlier sculptures, venus (2015) and fish commission (2016). Both pieces are hand cranked:

Next: Making wire gears + the kinetic sculptures of Arthur Ganson, and more videos that feature wire.

Plus: Rowland Emett’s Marvelous Dream Machines, Curious Contraptions by automata artist Paul Spooner, an iridescent net of chain link by Soo Sunny Park, and the kinetic sculptures of Anthony Howe.

Bonus: Exploding plants.

via Colossal.

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