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How does Betty’s handcraft their giant chocolate Easter eggs?

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Chocolate coats the molds of these huge 50 centimeter (19.6 inch) tall Easter eggs created by Betty‘s, a UK-based chocolatier that’s been in business since 1919. Around twelve pounds (5 kilograms) of chocolate gets ornately decorated with icing flowers and chocolate piping to create their giant Imperial Easter Egg every year.

setting the chocolate egg
This collection of promotional videos features their beautifully handcrafted works of chocolate art. In 2018, Betty’s created green eggs with cherry blossoms to promote their spring-themed Imperial in Bloom Easter egg.

green imperial egg

It starts in two halves. Our chocolatiers craft it layer by layer, pouring first two layers of beautiful eau de nil (made with white chocolate) and then a layer of milk chocolate into a pair of 55cm tall moulds. They’re then gently rotated by hand to make sure those layers build up nice and evenly.

When the two halves are set, the decoration begins. Flowers, leaves, butterflies and bees made from sugar paste, chocolate and royal icing are attached or piped by hand onto the half which will become the front of the finished egg.

And then comes the really nerve-wracking part. Cautiously, and with great skill, one half is maneuvered on top of the other. Once they are lined up perfectly, they are stuck together with melted chocolate.

making the green eggs

In 2019, they designed a giant pink chocolate egg with a golden egg in its center. The 68-ish centimeter (27-inch) tall creation was the company’s celebratory Centenary Imperial Egg. The Insider reported that it cost £495 or about $646.

creating the decorations
pink chocolate egg

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