Biisuke is a little red ball who must go on a big adventure to save his brothers Biita and Biigoro after they’re imprisoned in the high tower of a Rube Goldberg Machine. “Here we go, Biisuke Ball, sneaking into the enemy’s camp!” Watch him get travel through the complex contraption, get caught, escape, and try to help his brothers escape from the cage and the contraption.

Of course, that little green sign in the beginning of the video is the calling card of Pitagora Suitchi (PythagoraSwitch), Japan’s NHK educational TV show, famous for their toy and stationary supply filled Rube Goldberg machines. Alas, Pitagora Suitchi videos don’t often last long on YouTube. Watch while you can.

Update: It was taken down. We’ve replaced it with a (likely temporarily available) sequel to the original: Biisuke Ball’s Big Adventure Part 2.

Update 2: Part 2 was taken down, but we found the original (for now).

ICYMI: 9 minutes of Japanese Rube Goldberg machines.

via Colossal.

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