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The Kid Should See This

Biobots and the animals that inspire their designs

Review some of the cutting-edge designs inspired by the physiology of animals: Biobots. This Wired video shares how roboticists use nature’s solutions to create snakebots, jumping bush baby bots, bots with gecko feet, batbots, robotic fish, a taxidermied bird that helps to monitor sage-grouse, and more. File under biomimicry.

biobots bat
biobots bush baby
Learn more about how we use biomimicry to solve problems with design: How a kingfisher, an owl, & a penguin helped redesign Japan’s Shinkansen and Think Like a Tree – Problem solving with nature’s best ideas.

Plus, Festo’s robot animals, the animatronic animals of Spy in the Wild, and Boston Dynamics’ sand flea.

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