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Biotop, an animation about declining tiger populations

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Inspired by Tx2, a World Wildlife Fund action to double the wild tiger population by 2022, the next Chinese Year of the Tiger, design student Jola Bańkowska created this one minute animation about habitat loss: Biotop.

There’s more info about the wild tiger’s 97% population decline in the last 100 years at

Tigers not only protect the forest by maintaining ecological integrity, but also by bringing the highest levels of protection and investment to an area. Tigers are an “umbrella species” – meaning their conservation also conserves many other species in the same area. They are long-ranging and require vast amounts of habitat to survive; an adult male’s home range varies from 150 km2 – 1000 km2. Large areas of intact forest therefore must be preserved for tiger conservation…

Rather than focusing on “saving” tigers at a site or country level, Tx2 uses a strategic, long-term approach – working across entire landscapes and encouraging trans-boundary collaboration. This involves increasing protection where the tigers are currently, maintaining wildlife corridors and connectivity between areas and then boosting resources and protection for where tigers can be in the future, when their numbers have increased.

What important causes inspire you to create new stories, art, animation, design, inventions, or other kinds of ideas and solutions?

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