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A Lot About Blue Jays with Lesley the Bird Nerd

This incredible blue jay footage from YouTuber Lesley the Bird Nerd is accompanied by a lot of fascinating information. Examples: When blue jays molt for a week or so in the summer, they look a bit like small vultures. The oldest-known blue jay lived to 27-years-old. And the species’ signature blue feathers are from structural color, not from pigments.

molting blue jay
blue jay feathers
Spend ten and a half captivating minutes with these clever and boiterous bird in the video above. For more videos, photos, and facts from Lesley the Bird Nerd, follow her on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Plus, learn how to tell blue jays apart from one another:

Read more about Cyanocitta cristata at and All About Birds.

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Bonus: The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Bird Song Hero.

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